Cocoa Studio is a visionary Graphic Design Studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that is specialised in creating meaningful brands through wide-eyed creativity and metculous craftsmanship.

Cocoa Studio is inspired by the simple joys of chocolate. Chocolate tantalizes the taste buds like no other while probiding the energy that a body needs. Just like chocolate, Cocoa Studio gives energy and life to brands, to inspire and create powerful stories that impacts the marketspace.

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The secret recipe for the best chocolates is to stay relevant in taste. The key ingredient in staying relevant in this fast-changing world is by going digital to satisfy the palate of any consumer. We are the experts in producing the key ingredient. We help you stay relevant.


The pure bliss of having tasted the finest chocolate leaves a long-lasting impact on the taste-buds. Our imagination, mixed with the right amount of passion and energy, will help create your brand that leaves a life-long impression.

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A smooth chocolatey aroma excites the senses. Our vibrant design ideas and unparalleled logistic solutions ensure that your brand stays visible, all the time.

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The best beans make the perfect flavor. A powerful design can influence how the market perceives the value of your brand. You have us to make your designs speak for themselves.


An exceptional packaging captivates the senses and evoke strong desires.Just like the chocolate, our packaging designs are exotically pleasurable to the senses that many can’t resist.


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